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Final Year Project update…

Here is the current progress of my final year project using Vuforia Object Recognition. Object Recognition allows you to detect and track intricate 3D objects. It has been designed to work with toys (such as action figures and vehicles) and other consumer products. Also I add Speech Recognition element to make it interesting and fun.

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Classroom of The Future


Classroom of The Future !!!

Launched by Minister of Higher Education, Classroom of The Future used a Virtual Reality (VR) technology that helps teaching and learning process conducted interactively.

Plus, it helps student to experience a real situation where they can interact with the objects, other student and lecturer.


Clients: MaGICX

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Real Object Tracking


Final Year Project is around the corner !!!

I decide to work on object tracking system in Augmented Reality. Using Unity 3D, i would like to develop real object tracking with speech-enabled augmented reality mobile application.

Here is the objectives that I would like to achieve:

  1. To study the issues in real object tracking in augmented reality.
  2. To develop AR application with speech-enabled interface for multiple real object recognition tracking.
  3. To integrate them in a mobile application.

This project provides a starting point for anyone interested in researching or using Augmented Reality for mobile application.

Augmented Reality Chess

11. chess

Augmented Reality Chess is one of interesting AR games that I tried to play with.

It allows user to play chess games against a chess engine or against another human. All the terms and conditions are based on world standard chess. Source code can be download from

From the code given, I need to check for any error occurs and link all the libraries that used to complete the execution. Thanks to the source code given, it is really an amazing experience to play this game.